Sunday, 15 January 2017


Isn't love a sweet pain? The only reason worth living the life ?Well, it is. 
This is my first blog. I might as well begin this e-dairy with the most beautiful and the most ugly part of my past - love. 
She was my classmate, my friend, the first girl who ran up to me to wish me luck for I chose to begin my medical life that day. Simple and beautiful girl with a bad dentition but a lovely smile. Those big, beautiful pair of eyes showing sincerity and pure innocence and that long, curly hair of hers!.... I don't exactly remember her dress(I bet she was in one of the rainbow colors as she always was)but I who cares what she wore! Her nasal twang and shy voice.. hahaha... she was too formal in greeting me and wishing me. I guess all she wanted was to wish me luck. But, at that moment, all I wanted was to have her for life. 
tut tut tut.....Well, she isn't mine after all! She isn't mine for even a day. She remained my first love and the best one.. This one is for her. 

I could not scream- when I had to
I can shout -I choose not to
I am SILENT then and now ; as I promised
peace - where are you?
I did not love - when I had to
I can not to
I am SMILING then and now ; as I promised
peace - where are you?
I will not forget- when I have to
I can't let you go - you chose to
I am PATIENT then and now ; I promise
But peace - where are you? 

P.S: I know where she is (literally speaking). But this love-lorn mood of mine seems to be on an eternal quest ever since I lost her in my life. And, somehow I am happy just looking for her. She is and will be in me forever.